Poor air quality in schools can affect students’ respiratory health, attendance, and academic performance.¹ To raise awareness and improve the air quality in educational facilities, SAF Tehnika supports Riga Hackerspace on a project that will help keep the air in schools healthy and give children useful skills and knowledge in STEM subjects.

Air Quality Guide is a charity project which offers free DIY air quality monitoring sets for children and young people in Latvia. By assembling the device from the materials provided in the set, children will learn valuable skills and gain knowledge about electronics, programming, physics, and other subjects.

When assembled, the Air Quality Guide will look like a friendly cartoon superhero, carefully monitoring the air in any room and warning pupils about decreasing air quality with a display indicating the CO2 levels, a small “traffic light” on its hand, and a sound signal.

With its innovative, wireless indoor air quality monitor Aranet4, SAF Tehnika has been helping people measure and control air quality indoors for several years. The company cares about clean air and therefore supports this project with a donation of 100 Air Quality Guides so that children in schools, orphanages, and interest groups have an engaging way to learn about indoor air quality and develop useful technical skills.

“It is important to learn early on how crucial indoor air quality is for our health and the ways to improve it. The Air Quality Guide is a way to spark interest in pupils about air quality specifically and STEM subjects in general, inspiring the future engineers, scientists, and other specialists to explore the world around them in a scientific way”

Normunds Bergs, the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of SAF Tehnika.

We invite other businesses, organizations, and individuals to join the friendly superhero on its mission to engage children in scientific exploration. Become a part of the superhero team by donating to the project or supporting similar activities wherever you are!

Find out more about the project HERE

¹ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24298914/

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