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Aranet introduces Soil and Substrate moisture sensor

Aranet adds new sensor to the horticulture product family. The wireless sensor measures soil & substrate moisture (VWC), electric conductivity (EC) and temperature (T) all in one sensor.


Monitoring soil moisture is important for agricultural applications as it helps manage irrigation systems more efficiently. Knowing the exact soil moisture conditions, enables growers to increase yield and crop quality by using less water and improve management of soil moisture and nutrient delivery during critical plant growth stages.


By using the real-time data and custom alert system Aranet Soil moisture, EC and T sensor helps determine when plants need watering by regularly indicating the water content of the soil. The wireless sensor is equipped with a built–in temperature sensor to determine if the soil temperature is ready for planting and seeds can germinate properly. The sensor will also has EC meter – a reliable and easy way to determine if fertiliser nutrient levels are adequate for optimal plant growth.




About Aranet


Aranet offers industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for agro-food sector, making it easy to collect and analyze real-time data. Ensure the best growth conditions for yield by monitoring all necessary parameters with Aranet. Aranet helps to improve quality control and save costs by ensuring the best conditions for growing and storing of produce.



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