In development for the global IoT and environmental monitoring industries, the Aranet PRO Plus base has officially received certification for entry into the Japanese market. This milestone not only shows Aranet’s commitment to expanding its international footprint but also highlights its dedication to adhering to regulatory standards. 

The certification process, known for its comprehensive evaluation of technology products to ensure they meet Japan’s safety, efficiency, and environmental standards, has validated the Aranet PRO Plus base as a solution for various industries, including agriculture, retail, and smart building management. 
The Aranet PRO Plus base TDSBOAJ5, designed in collaboration with Priva, a leader in climate control and process management solutions, offers precision in environmental monitoring. Its capabilities are crucial for optimizing conditions in controlled environments, leading to increased productivity and sustainability. 

This achievement is expected to pave the way for Aranet’s increased presence in the Japanese market, enabling businesses and organizations to leverage advanced IoT solutions for environmental monitoring. The certification assures Japanese customers of the product’s quality, reliability, and compliance with local regulations, thereby facilitating smoother integration into existing systems. 
Speaking on the occasion, Yuri Isarov, Managing Director at SAF Tehnika Asia (Aranet is a brand of SAF Tehnika), expressed enthusiasm about the certification, stating,  

“It’s important to highlight that we have successfully entered the Japanese market in collaboration with PRIVA, with the PRIVA-Aranet solution receiving positive feedback from PRIVA’s local partners and clients. We are witnessing a growing demand for wireless sensors in this market, thanks to our extensive portfolio of high-quality sensors designed to meet the needs of our clients. The Aranet PRO Plus base is distinguished by its contemporary design. The certification of our new base station will enable us to extend the Aranet solution to open-field growers as well. Targeting open-field farming is part of our strategic focus on expanding into various segments of horticulture within Asia.” 

The certification is not just a win for Aranet but also for Japanese industries that stand to benefit from advanced environmental monitoring technologies. As businesses increasingly focus on sustainability and efficiency, the availability of certified, high-quality solutions like the Aranet PRO Plus base is timely and crucial. 

For further information about the Aranet PRO Plus base and its applications, visit Aranet’s official website

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