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Aranet releases Convection Radiation Shield for precise temperature monitoring in greenhouses

It is important to measure temperature in greenhouses in a way that the measurements would not be affected by the radiation of the sun.


The most precise measurements can be achieved with fan aspirated sensors. When using wireless sensors this method is inconvenient, because it requires an additional source of energy.  A solar battery can be used to run the fan, but adds significantly more cost, requiring additional hardware and/or larger more complicated devices.


Multi-plate radiation shield are typically used as passive sun protectors for the sensors that are located outdoors. In no wind condition, which is the typical condition for greenhouses, this solution under-performs in comparison to the outdoor conditions.


By using the principle of physics, which states that the hot air rises, an innovative solution for temperature measurements in greenhouses has been created – convection radiation shield.



The sun heats the top part of the pipe, which is coated with an absorbent material, then the hot air in the pipe rises and the ambient air flows in through the opening in the bottom. A reflective material is used to protect the lower part of the pipe from heating up.



Empirical experiments in a greenhouse have proven that when placed next to a fan aspirated sensor, the convection radiation shield sensor shows maximum 1-degree difference; while a helical radiation shield (most advanced type of multi-plate shield) shows up to 2-degree difference.







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