Trym - leading cannabis software

Growers are well versed in tracking data... and spreadsheets. Large-scale operation is harder to track this way though. Trym Analytics helps you optimize future production based on historical data. Knowledge is power - tap into the insights now.

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i2M, Qlair

Data-driven HVAC filter maintenance monitored remotely and dynamic air quality responsive system is a must for modern building maintenance. It helps to pinpoint the sources of issues, assess, improve, and maintain indoor air quality at the lowest cost and the highest upside.

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Visionaire Lighting Pangea - Wireless lighting controls

Pangea is compatible with virtually every Visionaire fixture. Whether it's a parking lot, car dealership, university campus, or a city in need of smart lighting, Pangea's got you covered.

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Real-time greenhouse parameters monitoring via intuitive graphs enables optimal irrigation strategies to improve crop yield. Ageons' greenhouse platform MyAgeon is a multilevel cloud-based platform for comprehensive monitoring and customized crop growth insights.

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Consultancy, research, and development in horticulture industry. HortiAdvice has also InfoGrow, a unique online tactical tool enabling the grower to follow and optimize the crop production depending on the resource use via real-time data about the plant growth.

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Lets Grow

Using data intelligently, Lets Grow delivers analysis and advice on increasing productivity for efficient and sustainable horticulture and greenhouse crop growth. Over two decades of experience and presence in over 45 countries, the insights Lets Grow provides help deliver high-quality food for a growing global population.

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It should be easy to connect streams of data, distill important events, and take action when an event occurs. Relying on a scalable and secure platform such as Blockbax, you can automate your business through sensor and machine data without coding.

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Losant’s enterprise IoT platform enables teams to quickly and securely deliver complex connected products and solutions. The robust functionality includes connecting millions of devices, visualizing data, analyzing in real-time, and deploying branded experiences to end users.

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Optimise your cultivation strategies with 30MHz platform for growing applications. With digital solutions for every stakeholder in horticulture, 30MHz offers a platform with integrated products that grow with you through every stage of your business development.

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