Explore the new Aranet4 fun and engaging feature – a QR sticker that lets you share air quality with your customers! This will assure them that your premises are safe, and you have taken precautions to minimize COVID-19 spread!    

How does it work?

  • Place Aranet4 sensor where you’d like to monitor air quality
  • Track your air quality and ensure necessary air exchange* by dialing up your ventilation or opening the windows
  • Engage with your customers by downloading and attaching the QR sticker in a visible location where they can easily scan it
  • This will enable customers to see live air quality readings from your Aranet4 via Display App and feel safe!

If you’d like, you can also project your air quality readings on TV screens for additional engagement with your customers. To learn more, please follow here.    

Download your new QR sticker here and open your doors safely!    

For more information contact your Aranet sales representative or reach out to info@aranet.com.  

* The recommended air exchange to protect against potential COVID-19 containing aerosol build-up is 60 m2/h per person – this equates to approximately 800ppm CO₂ concentration.

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