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Aranet4 Display App – the Easiest Way to Show that Your Facilities are Safe from Airborne COVID-19 Risks

We are happy to announce that the Aranet team has developed a new Aranet4 Display App – a great solution for displaying the current air quality readings on larger screens in public spaces, so that people can be reassured that the facilities are safe from airborne COVID-19 risks.



The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to be cautious about public indoor spaces since they carry a higher risk of aerosol-transmitted viral infections. At the same time scientists and virologists have established that proper ventilation can reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, and CO2 concentration can be used as an air quality indicator.



How does it work? It’s very easy!



The Aranet4 is an innovative indoor air quality sensor that measures CO2, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. The new Aranet4 display app allows you to connect the sensor to a tablet and display the real-time readings for easier visibility or use the screen mirroring function of your smart device (phone or tablet) to cast the value to a larger TV screen. And with the CO2 concentration level publicly visible, staff and customers can be reassured they are safe.





The recommended air exchange rate to protect against potential COVID-19 containing aerosol build-up is 60 m2/h per person, which equates to approximately an 800ppm CO2 concentration. The Aranet4 warns when the air quality has become unhealthy so you can react immediately and take measures to improve the ventilation in the room to ensure a safe environment.



“This is the ideal solution for restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets, gyms – anywhere where you want to show your visitors that your indoor spaces are safe from airborne COVID-19 risks,” explains Aranet product manager Edgars Sparnins.



The Aranet4 app enables easy communication with Aranet4 devices to view the historical record of measurements and to allow firmware updates and the calibration of the CO2 sensor, but the Aranet4 Display app is even simpler and its sole function is to allow you to display the current CO2 value on a large screen in public spaces.



Restaurants, supermarkets, libraries, museums and all the other public indoor spaces in the post pandemic world must ensure customers are aware their facilities are safe to be in. The Aranet4 Display app allows people to see at a glance how safe it is to occupy an indoor space.



The Aranet4 Display app is available on Google Play and the App Store! Try it now!

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