The average person takes about 22,000 breaths every 24 hours.1 Each one of these inhalations can bring a variety of unwelcome substances into the body – potentially making colossal impacts on health.2  
Thanks in large part to COVID-19 related studies on virus transmission3, growing numbers of people have become aware that poor air quality directly affects their respiratory health, productivity, cognitive function, and wellness. However, it’s difficult to understand the cleanliness of one’s surroundings without a specialized monitoring device.  
This blog is a handshake with the Aranet4 HOME: an instrument specialized in measuring key indicators of overall air quality. 
What is the Aranet4? 

This device is a wireless indoor air quality monitor that continually records and displays four parameters: 

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): These measurements appear in the center of the device’s screen. They are represented in parts per million (ppm).
  • Temperature: Appearing in the upper left, temperature units can be swapped between Fahrenheit and Celsius using the switches on the back panel (under the batteries).
  • Relative humidity: A representation of how much moisture there is in the surrounding air, this reading is in the upper right corner. 
  • Atmospheric pressure: Measured in hectopascal (hPa), these readings are viewable and automatically tracked within the Aranet4 App.  


Measuring CO2 with nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensors 

The Aranet4’s CO2 readings are gathered by a NDIR sensor; an extremely accurate detection system. In this method, a beam of infrared light is sent through a tightly controlled chamber. CO2 gas absorbs infrared light. So, the difference between the two ends is measured as it passes through an optic filter on the receiving end. Larger concentrations of CO2 gas mean that less light passes through.  

Benefits of using the Aranet4

Owning an Aranet4 Home provides owners with access to a wealth of health-centric data. Empowered with this information, people can make better decisions for themselves, loved ones, and those they share spaces with. These high-quality devices offer several advantages over similar functioning products available on the market. 

  • Accuracy: As mentioned above, a top-of-the-line NDIR sensor takes measurements. This ensures consistency, reliability, and consistency over long periods of time. 
  • Understandability: The face is user-friendly. Numeric CO2 levels correlate to a green-yellow-red streetlight air quality indicator.  
  • Battery life: This device contains a quality e-ink display  and the device itself can function for up to 10 years after activation, depending on how often the device updates measurement data. Readings can be set to one, two, five, or 10-minute intervals between updates in the mobile app.
  • Portable: Discrete and smaller than a deck of cards in size, this device is easy to check in public without drawing unnecessary attention.
  • Wireless connectivity: Wires are problematic. It’s much more convenient to have a sensor automatically send data along to the cloud and mobile app, rather than drilling, installing, and continually dealing with stationary cables. 
    The Aranet4 mobile app 

While the Aranet4 is fully operational on its own, additional capacities are available once connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Enjoy these, and several other functionalities when linked to the application: 

  • One-month measurement history: With a range of data to look back on, it’s easier to identify patterns and fluctuations. Easy-to-understand graphic visualizations are provided. All this information can be downloaded as historical data. 
  • Measurement intervals: Within the application, you can change how often your Aranet4 displays updated information. This can be set to one, two, five, or 10-minute intervals. 
  • Update firmware: The Aranet IT team continually strive to improve functionalities. Connecting to the app means that these upgrades can be passed along to your device and implemented. 
  • Recalibration: All Aranet4 CO2 monitors are calibrated before being shipped out. But please be aware, they should be recalibrated roughly once per year. This is possible through the app. To do so, go to the settings menu and select CO2 calibration.
  • Connect to other Aranet devices: Within the app, you can view metrics for other linked sensors.
  • Aranet4 display app: This solution projects CO2 measurements onto larger screens – like monitors, TVs, etc. It’s ideal for displaying metrics in an easy-to-understand, public way.
  • Understandable graphs: Data gathered by the Aranet is compiled in a colored graph that makes representation simple.  

Further information

The Aranet4 is a hyper-accurate, portable measuring device providing users with consistent flows of health-centric data.  If you have questions regarding the Aranet4, there are several options available. Additional information can be found at the official Aranet4 landing page, Aranet4 data sheet, user manual, Aranet forum (for public questions), Aranet library, or by reaching out directly at We have a wonderful support staff happy to answer your questions.  


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