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Exclusive partnership between Priva and Aranet to intensify wireless technology in horticulture

From left to right: Alastair Monk and Meiny Prins on behalf of Priva, Toms Rekšņa, Gints Antoms, and Normunds Bergs on behalf of Aranet, Patrick Dankers, Bram Koppert, and Ton Wallast on behalf of Priva


On April 29 Priva and Aranet have entered into an exclusive partnership to enable integrated wireless technology in greenhouses. The growing interest in data and with that, the growing demand for more and new sensors to generate data is the main driver of the collaboration between Aranet and Priva. With this partnership, both parties want to bridge the gap between wireless sensors platforms and other data sources in greenhouses.


The integration of Aranet sensors with Priva systems enables growers to analyze all their greenhouse processes and to create new insights based on that data. Patrick Dankers, Product Manager at Priva says: “I am really happy to announce this partnership. Now we can help growers from all over the world take advantage of all the opportunities that wireless technology can offer today. In the current way of working, growers spend too much time organizing data and too little time analyzing data. With this cooperation, we can solve this issue. That means a grower can really start to benefit from wireless technology and focus on new insights to optimize the daily operation.”


Complementary know-how from the parties
This cooperation makes it possible to offer industry-leading wireless monitoring systems for the horticultural market. Gints Antoms, Sales Director of Aranet IoT Solutions at SAF Tehnika JSC says: “We at Aranet are very excited about the partnership with Priva because of the tremendous synergy potential made possible by complementary know-how from the parties. We are confident that extensive wireless competence of Aranet in combination with Priva’s in-depth knowledge of horticultural customer needs will ultimately result in a best-in-class wireless sensor offering towards the horticultural market, now and in the future.”


With this partnership, Priva can offer a complete solution towards the market: integrated controls and a one-stop-shop. Priva and Aranet believe they can make environmental monitoring wireless, together.



Representatives from Aranet and Priva signed the documents and celebrated the beginning of the new cooperation following the best practices of safety and social-distancing – via a video call. Take a look at how it went!



About Priva

Priva is a high-tech company that develops hardware, software, and services in the field of climate control, energy-saving, and water re-use. The company is active in the fields of horticulture, building automation and indoor growing. In horticulture, Priva provides a total, integrated solution to control and manage horticultural operations worldwide. With every step Priva takes with its customers, the starting point is greater efficiency per square meter with less energy consumption and a maximum reuse of water. With 450 colleagues, 15 local offices, and 400 installation partners, Priva supports and services its customers all over the world. | www.priva.com

About Aranet

Aranet offers industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of industries such as horticulture, building management, food manufacturing, retail stores and many more, making it easy to collect and analyze real-time data. In horticulture, Aranet ensures the best growth conditions for yield by monitoring temperature, humidity levels and other important parameters. Wireless monitoring systems help to improve quality control and save costs. Aranet is a brand of SAF Tehnika JSC, listed in NASDAQ Riga under the symbol SAF1R, a company with 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing modern wireless data transmission technologies. | www.aranet.com



For more information about the partnership between Priva and Aranet write to info@aranet.com

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