Aranet4 can help your business return to normal!

Experts say one way to measure how well-ventilated certain spaces are is by checking how much carbon dioxide is in the air. People exhale carbon dioxide, so the amount of it in a room gives you an idea of how much of the air is made up of other people’s breath. It’s not a perfect measure of danger — it won’t tell you if there is actually virus around — but it’s a pretty good proxy for how risky a room could be. It’s easy to check a room’s carbon dioxide levels: all you need is a small, portable monitor.”

says Nicole Wetsman, the Health Tech Reporter at The Verge.    

Great material by the Verge Science Team explaining how simple CO2 monitoring can be with a device like Aranet4. They took the sensor all around Brooklyn, New York, to check out the ventilation at local grocery stores, bagel shops, and bars. Watch the video to see what they found:


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