The Aranet team is constantly improving the app and device functionality and has launched version 3.2.8 of the Aranet4 app. Please download and update your app to activate the improvements and fixes of the latest version: 

  • Support for newest Aranet4 device firmware 1.2.0
  • Location permission is not required for Android 12 devices
  • Improved sensor data export

Starting from the 5th of October we will roll out Aranet4 device firmware 1.2.0 which will be available through the app. The new device firmware will change sensor identification and open new integration possibilities for all existing Aranet4 devices. 

Aranet4 app version 3.2.3 and older are not compatible with new firmware 1.2.0, therefore we highly recommend updating your app before the 5th of October. 

Download the Aranet4 app for iPhone on the App Store or Android on Google Play.  

Learn more about the Aranet4 app features HERE

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