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Aranet for greenhouses

Monitoring the environment in greenhouses is a challenging and time-consuming task. The plants must be situated in the most suitable conditions possible to yield the biggest harvest. That is why it is crucially important to react directly when problems arise to avoid damages and unwanted losses due to temperature and humidity fluctuations.


Humidity can be a particular problem when it comes to greenhouse management, it can cause many plant diseases and eventually losses of crop development and harvest. The desirable humidity varies with temperature. Plants in warmer environments can tolerate higher relative humidity and vice versa. Growers should consider purchasing a device to measure humidity, and then heat and vent the greenhouse accordingly.


Humidity monitoring can be a burdensome task if the data readings need to be collected manually resulting in possible human error, or even more if wired systems need to be deployed. It’s time-consuming and costly project to preplan the install such systems.


wireless greenhouse sensor


That is why SAF Tehnika has developed a new generation wireless environmental monitoring system- Aranet. Aranet consists of a gateway and wireless sensors that measure temperature and relative humidity. The sensors have are durable and can be placed outdoors or in humid locations.


The significant innovation that Aranet offers is the opportunity to place sensors in line-of-sight range of 3km/1.9mi from the gateway, providing a chance to cover larger areas and receive measurement readings from remote locations.


The centralized data gathering saves time previously spent on the manual collection of measurements. In addition, wireless solution cuts the cost of extensive planning and difficult and expensive installing process.


Aranet offers two different solutions- Aranet PRO for industrial grade deployment with 100 sensors per gateway and Aranet MINI for smaller site size applications with 12 sensors per gateway.


Choose the gateway depending on site size and discover the wireless way of collecting the measurements! Find more information about our products here.

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