We’ve teamed up with leading climate control provider Priva a while ago. Starting in June 2023, growers can leverage the Priva process control with Aranet sensors on top of monitoring capability. This removes the need for human assistance, saving precious resources.

Indeed, we provide growers with a full-circle solution. This system encompasses the entirety of plant cultivation: from data monitoring and collection all the way through process control. With a steady feedback loop of accurate, continually updated information, growers’ operations can be perpetually streamlined toward better resource management, less waste, and improved crop output.

“Priva has decades of experience at the forefront of their industry,” said Aranet Sales Director Gints Antoms. “Combining their high-tier systems with precision sensor data is a game changer for cultivators.”

Let’s discuss modernizing your growing operation. We’re available at info@aranet.com.

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