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Earlier this month SAF Tehnika has released two new wireless sensor additions to their IoT product line Aranet. The new sensors promise to ease wireless sensor network installation process and make existing wired equipment wireless!



wireless sensor PT100




Aranet Signal Test sensor serves as a great tool for large-scale Aranet users who plan to deploy sensors, particularly in large distances. When choosing a location for potential sensor placement, simply check if the signal strength is good enough with just one push of a button. The sensor will immediately send the data back to the base station thus ensuring that sensor placement is viable.


Aranet PT100 Transmitter is an easy-to-use resistance-to-digital converter optimized for platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). The applications include use for industrial and medical equipment, as well as instrumentation. Wireless transmitter monitors air, liquid, and solid surface temperature. Can be used for 2-wire, and 4-wire connections with already existing equipment.


Moving to wireless monitoring delivers many key benefits:

  • Gives a better understanding of processes. Managers can see exactly what is happening on a minute by minute basis. They can cross-reference monitoring data with other activities that might impact them – for example, does running a particular machine in a factory significantly push up overall temperatures?
  • Reduces cost. There is no need for expensive manual collection of data and its subsequent entry into IT systems. Problems can be spotted before they develop, avoiding the expense of lost production.
  • Saves time. Staff don’t need to carry out regular, manual checks, meaning their time can be spent on higher value activities.
  • Controls risk. Companies need to meet strict compliance targets, whether set by regulators (such as in healthcare laboratories) or by supermarket customers (in the case of food manufacturers). Wireless monitoring provides a real-time view of key metrics, giving an early warning of potential risks that can then be controlled.
  • Enables proactive response. By seeing exactly what is happening in the factory, office building or laboratory, managers can plan accordingly to optimise activities – they are always up to date and in charge of the situation.


To learn more about the new products please visit www.aranet.com/products

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