It is very important to do environmental monitoring in poultry and livestock farms in order to take care of the welfare, health and safety of people, who work there as well as birds and animals, who live there.    

According to PoultryHub “Respiratory, digestive and behavioral disorders are more likely to occur in houses in which the climatic conditions (temperature, relative humidity, air composition and others) are not up to standard. The efficiency with which feed is utilized is related to the health status of the flock. Animals that are not healthy cannot be expected to perform optimally. The younger the animals are or the higher their production level, the more sensitive they become to the climatic conditions in the house. Climate can be defined as the sum of environmental factors which influence the functioning of man and animal.”    

Aranet wireless monitoring solution can help increase the life quality of birds and animals within the poultry and livestock farms. In addition to already existing sensors for these industries, we are glad to inform you about the new Aranet T/RH probe (ammonia resistant) that measures temperature and relative humidity and is suitable for especially harsh environments. Besides probe can be easily removed and recalibrated, it can be extended as well as changed, that could be important for some special projects or needs.    

Aranet offers the easiest way to monitor T/RH, NH₃ and CO2 in poultry and livestock farms:

  • Sensors with up to 3 km signal range – cover even the largest farms
  • 24/7 monitoring with configurable alarms – free up your time and let Aranet do monitoring for you
  • Simple, intuitive and easy set up – no technical knowledge required
  • Free software – get historical data, look at graphs, set alarms and more…

Aranet solutions can help your business grow! Learn more about Aranet T/RH probe (ammonia resistant) or contact us at!

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