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Aranet Soil VWC, EC and T sensor

The Aranet Soil VWC, EC and T sensor helps to determine the optimal watering for the plants by regularly indicating the water content of the soil. The sensor is equipped with a built-in temperature sensor and EC meter – a reliable and easy way to determine if fertilizer nutrient levels are adequate for optimal plant growth.


Aranet Soil VWC, EC and T sensor is compatible with Aranet Cloud.

  • The sensor is compatible only with Aranet base stations 
  • Measures: soil and substrate moisture, electric conductivity, temperature
  • Line-of-Sight range: up to 3 km / 1.9 mi
  • Operating environment: indoor and outdoor use
  • Transmitter power: 14 dBm
  • Data Transmission: 1,2, 5, 10  minutes
  • Battery life: up to 7 years
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Cable length: 5m (16.4ft)
IP class 68
up to 7 year battery life
Up to 3 km line-of-sight range
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