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Aranet PT100 Transmitter/Sensor
Wireless transmitter monitors air, liquid, and solid surface temperature. Can be used for 2-wire, 3-wire and 4-wire connections with legacy equipment.
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Aranet T/RH sensor with Convection Radiation Shield
Convection Radiation Shield in combination with temperature & relative humidity sensor provides precise air temperature measurements for the greenhouse environment.
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Aranet T/RH IP68 sensor
Aranet wireless temperature and relative humidity sensors have IP68 protection class, the sensor can be placed in harsh environmental conditions and withstand excessive humidity.
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Aranet T/RH sensor
Aranet wireless temperature and relative humidity sensors have exceptionally low energy consumption that allows the sensors to function up to 10 years without replacing the battery.
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Aranet T-probe sensor
Temperature probe sensors measure and monitor air, liquid and solid surface temperature. The probe can be placed in liquids or places that require close contact temperature measurements, like heating pipes or soil.
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Aranet CO2 sensor
Aranet CO2 sensors measure carbon dioxide. CO2 monitoring is critically important for people well-being and productivity in places like schools, office buildings, hotels, hospitals and many others.
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Base stations
Aranet PRO
Industrial grade environment monitoring solution. Up to 100 wireless sensors can be added per single base station within the line of sight range of at least 3km/1.9 mi. Aranet PRO comes with complimentary software for data analysis.
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Aranet MINI
12 wireless sensors can be added to the network of one autonomous base station. The base station is equipped with a touchscreen that displays the data readings.  Suitable for smaller site size applications. Aranet MINI can be used in two modes - standalone base station or monitor mode for Aranet PRO.
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Aranet Signal Test sensor
Aranet Signal Test sensor designed to analyze the signal strength and help IoT system deployers install and plan sensor placements in desired locations.
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