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body temperature
CO2 concentration
relative humidity
water fraction
0 – 10 VDC

Aranet T/RH sensor
Aranet wireless temperature and relative humidity sensors have exceptionally low energy consumption that allows the sensors to function up to 10 years without replacing the battery.
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Aranet T/RH IP68 sensor
Aranet wireless temperature and relative humidity sensors have IP68 protection class, the sensor can be placed in harsh environmental conditions and withstand excessive humidity.
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Aranet CO2 and Temperature sensor
Aranet wireless, battery-powered carbon dioxide sensors have IP67 protection class – they can be placed in harsh environmental conditions. Sensors perform highly accurate measurements as well as they are flexible and easy to setup.
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Aranet CO2 sensor
The wireless, battery-powered sensor has a built-in infrared CO2 sensor that measures carbon dioxide with exceptionally high precision by excluding other organic gas compounds.
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Aranet Ultrasonic Distance sensor
Aranet Ultrasonic Distance sensor works with a wide range of liquid and non-liquid materials. Various practical applications of the sensor include grain level measurement in a silo, or the level of a liquid in a container, as well as other uses.
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Aranet PAR sensor
Aranet PAR allows measuring of photosynthetic active radiation. It helps determine the amount of light the plants are exposed to.
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Aranet PAR sensor with Apogee quantum meter
PAR meter is a sensor for measuring photosynthetic active radiation. It helps determine the amount of light the plants are exposed to.
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Aranet Weight sensor
The weight sensor allows close monitoring of plant growth and development, therefore allowing for more precise optimization of plant environmental conditions.
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Aranet Soil VWC sensor
The cost-effective wireless soil moisture sensor is designed for wide range applications for efficient monitoring of irrigation delivery to plants.
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Aranet Soil moisture, EC and T sensor
The soil moisture sensor helps determining the optimal watering for the plants by regularly indicating the water content of the soil and fertilizer nutrient levels for optimal plant growth.
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Aranet T/RH sensor with Convection Radiation Shield
Convection Radiation Shield in combination with temperature & relative humidity sensor provides precise air temperature measurements for the greenhouse environment.
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Aranet Stem Micro-Variation sensor
Aranet stem micro variation and 4-20mA sensor combination offers full wireless solution for stem variation monitoring in greenhouses. The sensor allows investigating effects of irrigation rate and other environmental factors on water balance and growth of plants.
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