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SAF Tehnika releases new gateways for the IoT product line!

Following the needs of our customers, SAF Tehnika has released two additions to their Aranet PRO IoT base station line. Aranet PRO now offers three different base station variations – Aranet PRO 12, Aranet PRO 50 and Aranet PRO 100.


Aranet PRO 100 permits connecting up to 100 sensors, Aranet PRO 50 allows 50 sensors, and Aranet PRO 12 grants 12 sensor connectivity per base station.
The new base station variations are suitable for clients that require multiple base stations but are not in need of numerous sensors.


The base stations have an exceptional sensitivity of -133dBm and allow placing the sensors within line – of – sight range of at least 3km/1.9mi.


iot gateway


All Aranet PRO systems come with a free, easy to use software program Aranet SensorHUB, that helps view, analyse and compare data in real time, set thresholds for alarms, rename sensors, export data to help keep a pulse on the ongoing and optimize processes when necessary. With the help of adaptive design, data can be viewed on smartphone, tablet or PC.


The base stations are compatible with a variety of Aranet sensors that measure temperature, humidity and CO2. The sensors are wireless, portable and energy efficient, which allows them to function several years without battery replacement.


Measuring of temperature, humidity and CO2 is important for a diverse range of industries such as food manufacturing, building management, grocery stores, warehouse management, museums and exhibition halls, hotels and restaurants, agricultural facilities and many others.


For more information please visit: https://aranet.com/product/aranet-pro/

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