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Monitor and analyze data with Aranet SensorHUB


Monitor and analyse data with Aranet. Data is one of the most powerful tools when making decisions concerning process optimization. With Aranet the automated collection of data helps to improve quality control, monitor the ongoing processes and allows to immediately deal with urgent issues. Aranet SensorHUB allows sending alarms by e-mail notifications or text messages, ensuring that the most urgent information is delivered any time of the day.





Aranet integration with 3rd party systems is possible using MQTT functionality on the Aranet PRO base station. User needs to have:

  • A software/application which is capable of making data requests and receiving data in MQTT format (subscribe to MQTT data reception), for example, account on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud computing platforms.
  • Access to some MQTT broker that is necessary to obtain data from Aranet PRO base station and then send it to the user software.
  • A valid MQTT license file uploaded on Aranet PRO base station (for more information contact your Aranet sales representative or info@aranet.com).

For more information, refer to MQTT demo base instructions for external developers, Aranet MQTT functionality and integration with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, Segments for sensors.

Aranet PRO systems come with a free, easy to use software program –Aranet SensorHUB- that helps view, analyse and compare data in real time, set thresholds for alarms, rename sensors, export data to help keep pulse on the ongoing and optimize processes when necessary. With the help of adaptive design data can be viewed in smartphone, tablet or pc.

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