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What is Aranet?

Aranet offers environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of businesses. The simple to use environment monitoring systems offer unique 3km/1.9mi or more line-of-sight receiving range between the wireless sensors and the base station. Aranet is suitable for large industrial site applications as well as smaller compounds. With all Aranet systems we offer free computer software, that helps you view, analyse and compare data in real time from any device.

How to integrate Aranet PRO with MQTT?

Aranet integration with 3rd party systems is possible using MQTT functionality on the Aranet PRO base station.

For more information, refer to MQTT demo base instructions for external developers, Aranet PRO base MQTT functionality, Segments for sensors, contact your sales representative or info@aranet.com.

How to get the newest firmware version for Aranet PRO?

You can visit https://aranet.com/downloads/ under “Firmware Updates” you can find and download the newest version. Please upload the firmware file as it is, without unpacking it. If the Aranet PRO web UI doesn’t function properly, we recommend clearing the browser’s cache.

How many sensors can be supported with Aranet PRO?

One Aranet PRO base station can support up to 100 sensors. Versions that support up to 12 and 50 sensors are available.

How many sensors can be supported with Aranet MINI?

One Aranet MINI base station can support up to 12 sensors.

How to change Aranet MINI from "Monitoring" to a "Standalone" mode?

If you want to change the Aranet MINI from “Monitor” to “Standalone” mode (the default mode for Aranet MINI), follow the instructions below:


(1) Download the expt.bin file from the link provided below, and store it on your computer.


(2) Connect the Aranet MINI to your computer using a USB cable. Your computer should automatically recognize Aranet MINI as a storage device (like “ARANET M”).


(3) Copy the the downloaded file expt.bin (in step 1) from your computer and paste it into the Aranet MINI main file directory.


(4) After a short while Aranet MINI will apply the new settings and start up in the Standalone mode.


Click to download the exct.bin file here.


NB This procedure can also be completed by connecting the Aranet MINI to the Aranet PRO directly. Refer to Aranet PRO User Manual, section “Aranet MINI monitor mode”.

What frequencies do Aranet systems use?

Aranet systems use 868 MHz frequency in Europe and 917MHz – 923MHz in North America.

Where do the Aranet systems save the data?

The data is stored locally.

What do I need to install Aranet MINI solution?

Aranet MINI is a completely autonomous solution that requires only a power socket to plug in your Aranet MINI base station.

How can I tell my sensors apart?

Each sensor has a unique number that is located on the back of the sensor; the same number can be viewed in the Aranet SensorHUB when the sensor is registered, so even if you decide to change the name of the sensor you can still tell them apart.

What does Aranet MINI include?

Aranet MINI includes Aranet MINI base station, AC power adaptor with USB cable, stand.

What does Aranet PRO include?

Aranet PRO includes Aranet PRO base station, mounting bracket and power supply cable, and Aranet SensorHUB software.

Can you place Aranet sensors outside?

Aranet T/RH and T-probe sensors can be placed outdoors. Aranet CO2 sensor is for indoor use only.

What power supply do Aranet systems use?

Aranet systems require a power supply at all times. For Aranet PRO the power can be supplied through AC power or Ethernet (PoE) port. In case of a power shortage all Aranet system base stations come equipped with built-in battery, which can last up to 8 hours for Aranet MINI and 30min for Aranet PRO, saving you from data loss.

How long does the battery last for the Aranet sensors?

Aranet T/RH and T-probe sensor battery lifetime is approximately 10 years.**

And Aranet CO2 sensor battery lifetime is approximately 2 years.**

**for AAA elements not older than 2 years from production.

How can I know if the sensor is running out of the battery?

If you are using Aranet MINI solution, you can view all the sensors on the base station touchscreen, where opposite the name of the sensor you will view the battery level of the sensor.

If you are using Aranet PRO, you will receive alerts about the battery levels on the Aranet SensorHUB that comes free of charge with each Aranet PRO solution.

What should I do when the Aranet Sensor battery dies?

Aranet T/RH and CO2 sensors use 2 AAA batteries to operate. Aranet T-probe sensor uses 1AA battery to operate. The user can replace them if needed by opening the back of the sensor and removing the used up batteries and replacing them with new ones.

Please note that if you will replace batteries the previous data from that sensor will still remain intact in Aranet PRO base station, where the data is stored.

What is the range Aranet systems offer?

Aranet systems offer at least 3km/1.9mi line-of-sight range.

What is the line-of-sight range?

Line-of-sight range means that there are no visible obstacles which are in-between the base station and the sensor, e.g. an open field, large hall.

What kind of materials or obstacles can affect the actual receiving range between Aranet base stations and the sensors?

All wireless data transmission is a subject to different environmental limitations.

The receiving range can be affected by weather conditions, trees, buildings, different construction materials such as cylinder blocks, concrete, sheet metal, tile, wood etc.

How safe are Aranet systems?

Aranet systems use proprietary protocol and encrypted data.

How to remotely connect to the Aranet PRO from Internet?
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