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T Compact – the smallest of Aranet temperature sensors

T Compact sensor is the newest and smallest addition to Aranet temperature sensor family. It is our food grade temperature sensor perfect for supermarkets and restaurants.


To ensure top product quality, grocery stores and supermarkets are required to comply with food safety standards. Aranet wireless monitoring systems have the potential to improve store efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data logging and excluding the possibility of human error.


With the help of wireless supermarket monitoring and historical data, logging personnel can analyze temperature tendencies and fluctuations over time, make adjustments when necessary as well as demonstrate consistent compliance with storage condition standards.


Aranet T Compact sensor is helping manufacturers and supermarkets reduce the impact of a recall and meet FSMA/HACCP requirements by providing detailed temperature monitoring and record keeping. Aranet wireless monitoring solutions provide a variety of benefits for supermarket applications:


Reduce product spoilage
With constant wireless temperature monitoring supermarkets can greatly reduce food spoilage risks that can result in huge losses, fines, and penalties.


Brand image
Protect the company’s reputation and reduce the risk of negative publicity from food safety incidents.


24/7 monitoring
Automated wireless monitoring solution can properly track and record temperatures 24/7, immediately notifying staff via e-mail alerts of any detected issues.


Save resources
Centralized data gathering saves time previously spent on manual data collection. The installation process is simple, quick and cost-effective, no extensive planning or preparation needed.


Comply with regulation
Demonstrate consistent regulatory compliance with associated temperature records of all storage areas. Avoid time-consuming physical document retrieval process. Access and export necessary data instantly.


For more information, please visit: https://aranet.com/product/aranet-t-compact-sensor/

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