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Temperature and humidity monitoring for warehouse and storage management made easy!

Temperature and humidity monitoring are critically important for warehouse and storage management. The goods must be stored in right conditions in order to prevent spoilage, damage, and substantial losses. Therefore environment monitoring and centralized data gathering are crucial for quality control processes in warehouses, where temperature sensitive goods are located.


Temperature and humidity are the two factors that can have a considerable impact on conditions of the goods that are stored in a warehouse. For example, electronic devices require monitoring of humidity levels inside the storage area in order to avoid damaging of the internal electrical components.


Pharmaceutical products are another example where temperature and humidity levels are extremely important. Products are usually stored at 2-8 degrees Celsius. Any alterations in the desired temperature can have devastating effects on the chemical stability of the products and result in substantial losses.


The agro-food industry is well known for needing temperature monitoring in their facilities. As there are fewer preservatives and additives in our foods, therefore products become more sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and become more vulnerable to moisture [1]. To avoid spoilage and financial losses it is critically important to have temperature monitoring systems implemented in storage facilities where such goods are stored.


wireless monitoring warehouses


Keeping all that in mind SAF Tehnika has developed a wireless monitoring system that consists of a gateway and wireless sensors that can be deployed within the line-of-sight range of at least 3km/1.9mi. By using Aranet in warehouses and storage facilities, companies can avoid costly losses associated with damage to goods.


It is possible to add up to 100 sensors per single gateway. The setup process is easy and fast. Each sensor measures temperature and humidity and sends data to gateway once every 10 minutes. This allows extending sensor battery life up to stunning 10 years without replacement.


Aranet offers effective solutions for temperature and humidity monitoring that ensure top quality control. The systems have complimentary software that allows analyzing real-time data and historical data collection. The users can set alarm thresholds and receive warnings via e-mail notifications when something needs attention.


Ensure the best storage conditions with Aranet! To find out more about our products please visit https://aranet.com/products/ !

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