Modern horticulture is all about streamlining growing conditions to boost crop yields. And while certain industry parameters are well known, continually monitoring plant-specific metrics pays off.

Two virtual sensors are available for horticulture through Aranet Cloud. This allows growers to obtain new insights and parameters from existing sensor data. These virtual sensors are designed to boost productivity, lower plant stress, and reduce the likelihood of disease – especially when used together.

Vapor-Pressure Deficit (VPD): An area’s vapor-pressure deficit is the difference between the current and maximum amounts of moisture the air can hold. VPD is a more accurate measurement than relative humidity concerning plant transpiration, water loss, and stress.

Aranet Cloud uses existing sensor data on plant surface temperature, ambient temperature, and humidity to calculate VPD and VPD-leaf temperature.

Daylight Integral (DLI): These measure how much light a plant receives over a designated period. Horticulturists use DLI measurements to optimize light levels in greenhouses and indoor growing facilities to ensure the best yields from their crops.

Aranet Cloud uses existing sensor data on photosynthetic radiation (PAR) to generate DLI.

Right now, one virtual sensor is free of charge for every organization. Try Aranet virtual sensors for horticulture and see how they increase yields, save money, and streamline greenhouse environments.

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