Recently, the Aranet PRO team had the opportunity to exhibit at HortiContact, the Netherlands’ leading horticulture show. This event provided us with a valuable platform to demonstrate the capabilities of our wireless sensor system to industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Erik van der Made, who oversees the Aranet Horticulture market in EMEA & ROW, presented an overview of our system’s functionality in a video filmed at the event. This presentation aims to give potential users a clear understanding of how our technology can support their horticultural projects.

Being part of the greenhouse community’s shift towards data-driven cultivation practices is a privilege for us. The feedback and interactions at HortiContact have been invaluable, reaffirming our dedication to providing practical, innovative solutions for the horticulture industry.

We are committed to advancing the horticulture sector through technology and thank all participants and visitors at HortiContact for their interest and engagement.

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