In Morocco, Ceres Srl, a leading company in soilless technology and agronomic consultancy has enhanced its greenhouse operations through the integration of Aranet’s advanced wireless sensor technology, aiming to improve precision in agriculture.

This strategic initiative is designed to optimize crop yields and promote sustainability within agricultural practices. 

As a key participant in Morocco’s agricultural sector, Ceres Srl has equipped its demo greenhouse with Aranet sensors to monitor critical environmental variables such as temperature, light conditions using Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensors, and CO2 levels. These measures are crucial for optimal crop growth, particularly for tomatoes.

The implementation of Aranet technology at Ceres Srl reflects a commitment to adopting innovative solutions that bolster agricultural efficiency and sustainability. The precise monitoring enabled by these sensors allows for better control over growing conditions, resulting in healthier crops and improved yields. 

In addition to climate monitoring, Ceres Srl utilizes advanced Aranet soil sensors (WET150) to assess Volumetric Water Content and Electrical Conductivity (EC). The facility employs Aranet sap flow and stem diameter sensors to gain deeper insights into irrigation and growth processes, thus enhancing decision-making, operational efficiency, and resource conservation.

Ceres Srl is a strong partner of the Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables (APEFEL), promoting advancements in agriculture. However, the primary focus at Ceres Srl is on the practical application of these technologies within its daily greenhouse operations.

This site serves as a model for the effective use of sensor technology in agriculture, attracting interest from various groups eager to learn about its benefits. 

Aranet has partnered with Ceres, our local partner in Morocco, who will offer Aranet products to their existing clients and all interested growers in the region. This collaboration aims to enhance agricultural practices by providing advanced technological solutions to the local farming community.

The adoption of Aranet sensors by Ceres Srl exemplifies the greenhouse’s dedication to utilizing advanced technology to address contemporary agricultural challenges. This approach not only establishes a standard for the industry but also supports broader trends towards sustainable farming practices.

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