This latest expansion of Aranet Cloud, v.1.8.44 introduces several exciting new features. In this latest update, users can now access: 

  • Base station offline alarms: This function checks the connectivity of your base stations. When they go offline, the alarm will be activated. Please be aware that the default setting is set to warning. However, the critical thresholds can be configured.  
  • Custom branding: Users now have the capacity to customize their own logo for Aranet Cloud. To do so, upload two logo images in the organization editing form.  
  • Indications about new firmware: A notification will appear when new firmware is detected, along with publishing dates. 
  • Analytics – charts – export data to Excel: Users can now download chart data as Excel files. This is available in the “Analytics” section at the top of the page near the managing buttons.  

If you have any questions, please see our resources in the Aranet Forum, or reach out directly at

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