Download the latest Aranet PRO firmware here 

The new firmware includes:

  • Simplified menu structure
  • MQTT:
    • Connection support with Amazon Web Services (AWS IoT Core)
    • Measurement delivery format customized for Microsoft Azure
    • Sensor’s product number is being sent to MQTT broker
    • “Packetslost” alarm will now be re-sent after changes to MQTT configuration
    • Sensor names will now be sent right after changes to the sensor or MQTT configuration
    • In case of sensor removal, all retained topics like name and “Packetslost” alarm will be cleared on the broker side
    • 3d party Client certificate file upload available for more secure TLS connection establishment to MQTT broker
  • New sensor support
    • CO sensor
    • AC hour meter
  • Product number shown in sensor card
  • Russian region bases now support 1min TX interval

  Breaking changes:

  • The MQTT CA certificate will need to be re-uploaded after upgrading from a lower firmware version

Known issues:

  • MQTT configuration displays “Configuration error” when broker is unreachable

If you have any questions and need assistance with the update, please contact us at

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