Looking to measure the unmeasurable?    

Introducing Aranet Virtual Sensors – an innovative Aranet Cloud solution that allows you to obtain new insights and parameters by using data from your existing sensors!    

Let’s say you need to track the ratio of water absorbed by the substrate and water that has flowed away to drainage. There is no sensor that will directly measure this ratio but by using measurements from your Aranet Pulse Counters you could easily set up a virtual sensor that will calculate and track this information for you.    

What’s more, Aranet Cloud lets you track your virtual sensors in a dashboard, set alarms, assign tags and export data allowing you to take steps to control your environment.    

Aranet Virtual Sensors are very versatile and can serve different needs, be it determining the temperature at a location by averaging readings from multiple sensors or warning you when a critical delta between two CO2 sensors has been reached.    

Try your first Aranet virtual sensor for free* and take your wireless monitoring to the next level!    

If you have any questions and need assistance, please visit Aranet Forum, get in touch with your Aranet sales representative or write us at support@aranet.com.    

*1 virtual sensor per organization is included free of charge

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