Aranet is pleased to announce the deployment of the Aranet WET150 sensor in challenging outdoor conditions by our team in Peru. This development represents an advancement in the application of the WET150 for various outdoor uses, establishing a new benchmark in the domain of environmental monitoring. The successful deployment is the result of a collaborative effort with Agrolmos S.A., a leading entity in the Sugar Manufacturing industry. 


Peru: A Testing Ground for Innovation 

In the northern regions of Peru, our team undertook the installation of the WET150 sensor in sugarcane fields, an area known for its extreme temperatures reaching up to +35°C. These conditions served as a test for the monitoring device. Despite the challenging environment, the WET150 sensor consistently delivered reliable data, facilitating accurate monitoring and data analysis. 

A Versatile Solution for Outdoor Applications 

The successful deployment underscores the WET150’s applicability across many outdoor contexts, from agriculture to comprehensive environmental monitoring. Its versatility and efficiency in extreme conditions render it an asset for sectors that require precise outdoor data collection and analysis.

What’s Next? 

Aranet is committed to advancing the capabilities of the WET150 in outdoor environments and sharing these developments with our community. We invite interested parties to contact us for further discussion on outdoor projects and the implementation of the WET150 sensor in such initiatives. 

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