Large organizations like supermarket chains, farms, and greenhouses gather extensive amounts of environmental data across all their facilities. Yet, to react to the environmental changes quickly and effectively, a manager often needs to access information that is only relevant to their branch.

In response to this need, we’ve created a new Aranet Cloud feature - Aranet User Rights for Branch Managers. It enables you to allocate data of a single location to its manager so they can easily control the environment in their branch. This way, they can swiftly detect potential deviations from the established norms and adjust the ventilation, temperature, or other parameters if necessary. Without unnecessary information and disturbing alarms from other branches, it will be easier to focus on managing their location.

For example, supermarkets with many branches have a manager at each location. The manager needs to oversee the temperature of freezers, fridges, and other storage spaces, monitored with the Aranet T Compact sensors. Now you can give each manager rights to specific objects monitored at their branch so they can have real-time control of the conditions in their facilities. This leaves full access to the data of the whole organization only to selected users.

Sounds simple? With the Aranet ecosystem, it really is!

If you have any questions and need assistance, please visit Aranet Forum, contact your Aranet sales representative, or write to us at

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