Aranet4 HOME device owners – we have good news for you! Our team has developed a new, improved app to help you take air quality monitoring to the next level.

With the new Aranet4 app, it is now easier than ever to ensure healthy indoor air for yourself and those around you. It is a simple way to keep all your indoor air quality measurements in one place and you can use it to measure the air quality at home, while visiting friends or public places, commuting or travelling and in many more settings!

The app offers new features – access real-time data, store up to 14-day measurement history and export the data to view and analyze whenever you like.

You can also use the Aranet4 app to change your Aranet4 HOME device settings: measurement frequency, CO2 thresholds, buzzer and more!

All you have to do is download the app and connect your smartphone to the Aranet4 device via Bluetooth.

The new Aranet4 app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Try it now!  

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