To ensure the safety of customers and employees, the Rimi supermarket chain has equipped over 120 check-out areas in their supermarkets with Aranet sensors that measure CO2 level, temperature, and relative humidity.

The improved air quality monitoring in Rimi will add another layer of protection against the spread of COVID-19 infection. According to the World Health Organization, proper ventilation can reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19. Measuring CO2 can be used as a proxy for air quality, notifying the employees when there is a need to improve air exchange.

Rimi Latvia has been cooperating with SAF Tehnika JSC for several years in implementing various sensor solutions in the Rimi store network. For example, we have currently installed 6,500 temperature sensors that monitor the temperature in Rimi store refrigerators,” comments Rimi Latvia public relations manager Juris Šleiers. “The CO2 monitoring solution is a logical addition to the company’s management systems and an essential tool for limiting the spread of COVID-19.”

In addition to the measuring devices, Aranet provides data storage and management. Data from the sensors is transmitted to the Aranet PRO base station, which then feeds the information to the Aranet Cloud software. Rimi employees can then access, analyze, and manage data to quickly detect potential deviations from the established norms and adjust the ventilation, temperature, or other parameters if necessary.

By utilizing the Aranet ecosystem, Rimi has ensured that the air quality in their supermarkets is optimal. “For example, test measurements of Aranet sensors in the last seven days at Rimi store TC Aleja in Riga have shown that the air quality is good; the CO2 concentration exceeded the 700 ppm mark on only one of seven days,” explains Juris Šleiers. Rimi plans to gradually equip all their supermarkets with Aranet air quality monitors.

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